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Condomínio das Artes: A Sofisticated Residential Project

The real estate sector is one of the four business areas of MS Group, being the one that gave rise to the brand as we know it today. Towards the end of 2019, the group began the construction of Condomínio das Artes.

Condomínio das Artes Porto

This building, recently nominated for prestigious Real Estate awards by SIC Notícias and the weekly newspaper Expresso, stands out for its meticulous rehabilitation and reconstruction of a 19th-century mansion, once the residence of a bourgeois family from Porto.

Located on Rua Adolfo Casais Monteiro, this project is a testament to MS Group’s commitment to excellence and quality in the real estate sector. As part of a passion project, the group undertook the challenging task of restoring and transforming this historic mansion into a luxury residential condominium, offering its future residents a truly unique living experience.

Condomínio das Artes not only reflects the group’s commitment to urban revitalization but also its vision to create residential spaces that blend classic elegance with contemporary comfort.

Pedro Mesquita Sousa, CEO of MS Group, was interviewed by the program Espaços & Casas to talk about this project. Watch the full interview here.