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MS Group announces partnership with Chef Rui Paula

MS Group announces the partnership with Rui Paula as Executive Chef of the five-star hotel brand MS Collection – the insignia that represents the luxury hotel segment of the group.

This collaboration is already underway preparing the opening of the fine dining restaurant at the MS Collection Aveiro – Palacete de Valdemouro, the first five-star hotel of MS Group, which will open its doors in the 3rd quarter of this year.

MS Group anuncia a parceria com Rui Paula

The restaurant at the MS Collection Aveiro hotel will also be a debut for Chef Rui Paula in the city that is known as the “Portuguese Venice”. Therefore, as it should be, the Chef is developing a menu with a selection of dishes inspired by the Ria (estuary) that crosses Aveiro and the sea where it flows, through which he intends to surprise and offer a unique gastronomic experience, in an authentic appeal to the senses, with an explosion of flavors and notes of refinement. The restaurant will have capacity for 36 seats and will be open to receive visitors and guests, locals and tourists.

“It is a great pleasure for us to have the knowledge and experience of Chef Rui Paula to ensure an excellent offer and service in our five-star hotels under the MS Collection brand. In the case of Aveiro, we believe in the potential of our restaurant because it will fill a gap that exists in the region where the offer of fine dining is scarce”, says Pedro Mesquita Sousa, MS Group CEO & Founder.
“There are several reasons that made me accept the invitation to be Executive Chef of the MS Collection Aveiro project. In addition to being the first five-star hotel in the city, the MS Collection Aveiro meets everything I aspire to: maximum quality combined with a differentiated and original concept. My commitment to the MS Group is mostly to bring Haute Gastronomy to the city of Aveiro, in an ever-constant search for creativity and innovation, and with discipline in the choice of products, without ever losing the genuine touch. With this new challenge, I aim for the restaurant located in the MS Collection Aveiro hotel, gastronomic creations that follow modern and avant-garde trends, always appealing to the emotional roots”, says Chef Rui Paula.

During the day that marks the beginning of the BTL – Bolsa de Turismo de Lisboa, and in the year in which Aveiro is the guest municipality, this is a novelty that adds even more prestige and gastronomic interest to the city.

MS Collection Aveiro – Palacete de Valdemouro marks the debut of the MS Group in the five-star hotel segment, being, at the same time, the first hotel unit of this category in the city of Aveiro. It is a hotel positioned in an upper segment, with 40 rooms, located in a historic building from the 18th century, the old Palacete de Valdemouro – once residence of Eça de Queiroz’s family.