Ms Collection Aveiro – Palacete de Valdemouro Is Open

MS Collection - Palacete de Valdemouro

< Voltar July 6, 2023 4th year celebration of Moon & Sun hotels In the year in which the Moon & Sun hotels, the four-star hotel brand of MS Hotels, celebrate four years, Publituris Hotelaria spoke with Fernando Cunha, operations manager at Moon & Sun’s units. MS Hotels is the brand responsible for the hotel […]

Group invests €7M in its first 5 Star Hotel

O MS Group continua a expandir a sua atividade no setor do turismo

< Back May 29, 2023 Group innvests €7M in its first 5 Star Hotel MS Group continues to expand its activity in the tourism sector, announcing the opening of its first five-star hotel in Aveiro. This project – which is, at the same time, the first hotel of this category in the city – will […]