We believe and value the art of eating well, based on the memories that gatherings
around the table bring us. We are passionate about experiences and we trust that gastronomy
is a driver of that.

Located in MS Collection Aveiro – Palacete de Valdemouro, but with an independent entrance from the hotel, it is positioned as a fine dining restaurant and is open visitors and guests, locals and tourists. We challenged Chef Rui Paula, holder of two Michelin stars, to join us as Executive Chef of the brand and we presented a selection of dishes inspired by the Ria (estuary) that crosses Aveiro and the sea where it flows.

Cosmopolitan, uncomplicated, and always in tune with the latest fashion trends. This is Pia, a young woman or lady, of Italian origin and a Portuguese heart. Faithful to her roots, she expresses herself through piadinas. Fresh and balanced, perfect for a break in the hustle and bustle of a workday, or a light meal to accompany a stroll through the city.